What is the teaching methodology?

The Intensive English Program employs communicative methodology, basing the organization of its content on a ‘multi syllabus’ which allows students to apply what they have learned immediately and experience a continuous review of the language through practical application both inside and outside the classroom.

How long will it take me to learn English?

After finishing a complete level students will be able to communicate in all areas of a language; speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our complete course, beginning from the elementary level and culminating at the advanced level, lasts two years if taken during the week and three years if taken on Saturdays.

What kind of academic recognition does the course receive?

Our courses are recognized by The Ministry of Education which represents the highest academic authority in the country. 
If the student is dedicated, makes the most of their time with the teacher and classmates, completes the assigned homework and projects, they are guaranteed to learn English.

What nationality are the teachers?

We have teachers from England, The United States, Australia, Ireland, India, and Panama, all of whom are highly qualified and have years of teaching experience.

About Us

With more than 28 years of experience teaching English as a second language to people of all ages. Oxford has given English classes to numerous groups which today enjoy better opportunities as a result of its innovative methodology based on successful educational systems.

The Oxford Language Center method is based on interactive and dynamic lessons on current affairs which allow students to communicate rapidly in English, using daily situations of personal interest. There is a strong emphasis on the correct use of grammar and writing techniques.

Most of our teachers have English as their first language which gives students the advantage of listening to different accents in English depending on the region or country from which the teacher comes.

Oxford Language Center uses the same facilities as The Oxford School, which allows students to learn in an all English environment with a comfortable and modern ambiance.



All our courses use a communicative methodology based on a curriculum which allows students to apply what they have learned immediately and experience continuous revision of the language by means of practical application both inside and outside the classroom.
Each classroom activity concentrates on oral participation. Themes of universal interest and even personal experiences are used in the classroom to help students identify themselves with the language in a rapid and direct manner, hence securing an effective learning experience by means of this participative and academically productive method.

Level placing

All students, regardless of their level of English, must take a placement test. This test has a written and an oral component which allows us to determine each student’s true level of English.
Students will be placed in the corresponding level based on his or her test score. Levels range from Absolute beginners (Level 0) to Advanced (Level 5). Each level lasts approximately four months. This length of time gives students the opportunity to obtain a deep and thorough understanding of all areas of the English language.

Academic follow-up

Students are evaluated at each level. Those students who obtain a minimum of 70% in their score will be promoted to the next level and will be issued with an end-of-level certificate. Students who do not fulfil the minimum requirements will be advised to repeat the level.
At the end of the programme, once all 6 levels have been completed, students will receive an end-of-programme Certificate, duly approved by the Ministry of Education of Panama.

Academic material

All academic material is chosen to fulfil educational objectives. On the first day of classes Course teachers will inform the students which books will be required and where they may be purchased.

Intensive English

This course gives students the opportunity to learn English in a short period of time. Its emphasis is for students to gain language fluency without losing sight of the areas of grammar and writing.
The course takes place on Monday, Wednesday...

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Saturday Courses

This course as with the weekly courses, allows the opportunity of learning English, based on all aspects of the language.

The class is given on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m...

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English courses for kids (Kid’s Saturdays)

This course allows parents to prepare their children to learn English. This course is totally interactive and filled with fun activities prepared especially for kids that makes learning English a fun experience...

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Corporate Program

This program is totally personalized for corporations offering them an opportunity to prepare their associates in the English language.  The Oxford Language Center prepares the program with teaching materials and schedules...

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