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This program is totally personalized for corporations offering them an opportunity to prepare their associates in the English language.

The Oxford Language Center prepares the program with teaching materials and schedules that accommodate the company’s needs.

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Summer Extreme is a program offered during the Panamanian summer for students to reinforce their English Language skills either directly in our Summer English Workshops or by means of the other high interest courses such as information Technology, Sports Camp, Swimming and Painting, all of which are given in English and contemplate the need to develop English language skills, it is an opportunity to learn English in action.

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Our Summer Extreme Programme will start on January 7, 2013. As usual, we will have our English courses that can be combined with swimming lessons, sports camps and painting classes. The objective of these courses is for students and parents to take advantage of summer time to learn or reinforce English language skills while having fun with extracurricular activities. These courses are for children from 2 years to teenagers. For more information don´t hesitate to contact us at 321-3828 or visit us at our locale on Transístmica in front of Mega Depot store from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Acércate a Oxford Language Center. Aprende o mejora tu manejo del idioma Inglés de la manera más fácil. Con nuestros horarios de atención, de 2:00 pm a 5:00 pm de lunes a jueves y sábados de 9:00 am a 12:00 pm. Es muy simple, solo llenas nuestros formularios de inscripción, realiza la prueba de ubicación y automáticamente tendrás la oportunidad de aprender o mejorar el uso del idioma Inglés. Ofrecemos cursos para niños y adultos.

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