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What is the teaching methodology?

  • The Intensive English Program employs communicative methodology, basing the organization of its content on a ‘multi syllabus’ which allows students to apply what they have learned immediately and experience a continuous review of the language through practical application both inside and outside the classroom.

How long will it take me to learn English?

  • After finishing a complete level students will be able to communicate in all areas of a language; speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our complete course, beginning from the elementary level and culminating at the advanced level, lasts two years if taken during the week and three years if taken on Saturdays.

What kind of academic recognition does the course receive?

  • Our courses are recognized by The Ministry of Education which represents the highest academic authority in the country.

Am I guaranteed to learn English?

  • If the student is dedicated, makes the most of their time with the teacher and classmates, completes the assigned homework and projects, they are guaranteed to learn English.

What nationality are the teachers?

  • We have teachers from England, The United States, Australia, Ireland, India, and Panama, all of whom are highly qualified and have years of teaching experience.